As we celebrate but yet another Labor Day, I believed it could be valuable to take a appear at the location of operate in our lives.

For some of us, operate is a implies to an finish, for other individuals it is a joy, and for nonetheless other individuals it is like an addiction.

Addiction to operate is referred to as workaholism. One particular of the several fascinating factors about workaholism is that it is the most socially accepted addiction. We have a tendency to give praise in our society to these that operate as well really hard with no contemplating the several charges involved.

Humor has a way of cutting by way of our defenses. So I believed I could take a humorous appear at a really serious topic as a way of obtaining by way of to you.

So with a nod to comedian Jeff Foxworthy, here’s a tongue-in-cheek appear at workaholism referred to as “You could be a workaholic if….”:

If your answering machine says, ‘the little ones are in bed and dinner is in the fridge’, you could be a workaholic.

If your kids contact 911 when you come house prior to dark, you could be a workaholic.

If your small business cellular telephone bill is bigger than your property payment, you could be a workaholic.

If Thanksgiving dinner is the final meal you ate with your loved ones, you could be a workaholic.

If your receptionist or secretary talks to your spouse a lot more than you do, you could be a workaholic.