Does The Brexit Vote Send A Message To Large Bureaucratic Socialist Style Government Power?

When the British voted to leave the European Union it shouldn’t have surprised anyone, but it surely did. The media pundits were shocked, the international community was shocked, our Obama Administration was shocked, everyone was blown away – still, I ask why? Obviously, there is incredible discontent amongst EU members. And the Eurozone is in big trouble with the PIIGS – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain in financial and economic turmoil and Germany a little miffed at trying to keep the whole thing going while socialist government live high on the hog. Many have previously stated that the EU is a slow motion train wreck, it was doomed from the beginning, or it cannot survive without more power at the ECB.

Britain doesn’t need the EU, the European Union needs them, however if the EU is going to collapse in the near future 5-10 years why bother remaining and taking the economic hit later? True power does not come from bureaucracy, nor a king, nor a dictator. Erecting beautiful buildings, throwing outlandish parties, or declaring accolades to one’s own organization does nothing more than create a false illusion of power – and that power gets worse when those in a leadership capacity begin to believe their own BS. Britain saw through that bull crap and didn’t want any more of it, no more promises. There is no accountability in the European Union – yet, it portends to have unlimited and absolute power – we can see once again it’s lead to corruption, no surprise should be glimmered from that, it was and is as always 100% predictable.

The Brexit Vote should be a shot heard round-the-world to all those powers that be who think they should run the affairs of globe. All these giant NGOs, and all their subsequent bureaucracies should take notice. The Climate Change IPCC, The UN, IMF, WHO, WTO, etc. etc. should all readjust their dictatorial ways, find accountability, and come off their pedestals. Even here in the US, our Federal Government should see what’s happening and realize that our union is becoming weaker, not stronger, with each new layer of rules, laws, regulations, and agency after agency, continually grown the blob of bureaucracy to the point of absurdity, perhaps the most inefficient organization ever created in the history of mankind. Why would anyone want to live under such an unaccountable false authority.

It’s time for a reality check – the EU just had one – but they are not the only ones that need to learn the lesson. Who is next? More to follow in mankind’s bureaucratic saga – I choose not to live in the Borg, how about you?

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank and writes eBooks so, check out the choices for your eReader.

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