Why Are Women at All Needed Nationwide in Daily Existence?

Women have a powerful role in everybody’s daily lives. They not only have a nurturing side to cater for, but also have the huge competence to contribute to the nation. In order to learn more, read on.

How do women have such a noteworthy impact in daily existence? It may be the man’s world at the moment but women are gradually taking over.

Women look after the kids and family but together with support from their hubby they can take care of all the responsibilities adeptly given that they share them together. Again with support from family and/or hubby, they can go for higher education and eventually contribute at large to the nation.

So how are women playing their roles contributing not only to their families but also to the nation at large? They have become working moms, plain and simple. They may or may not be moms from the start. They may start out with careers at first, marry and have a family but still manage to hold on to their jobs. Women are playing the roles of doctors, engineers, lawyers, nurses, shopkeepers, managers and you name it! Where are they less? And they maintain their families well too. That said they excel in all areas of their lives, provided they get support and cooperation of their man.

In the villages of my country, which cover a majority area, women are no more just look-after-family moms. They do some kind of business too – simple or big based on their experiences with regard to farming and poultry. They have money to send their children to schools and educate them and contribute to their families alongside with their hubby. With earnings from both the parents, children are more open to enjoy the greater amenities of life. Poverty is diminishing and life seems to get better with each passing day.

Why are women striving so much to come upfront everywhere around the world? Not that they want popularity or eminence. It is simply from the need to cater for better facilities for their families, lifting off the heavy burdens from their man in running the family solely. They are here in daily existence to help their man, provided that their man continues to support in their daily endeavors.

This is how the entire process forms a pattern – a beautiful pattern, in fact, of men and women knitted together, catering for their families and nations at large, shrinking the world even more, as every single day passes by.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article highlighting the importance of women in daily existence.

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